T. Remily

ESL Teacher


Name: Remily Jel Arena
Major: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Math
*A Master’s Degree Holder in Education

*A Licensed Teacher
*TEFL Certificate
*Eight years experience of teaching ESL, Elementary and Senior High School
*Teach General ESL, Special Classes such as Speaking, Reading and Writing Essay

“I have been teaching for more than 7 years after I graduated from Philippine Normal University, also known as a school for teachers here in the Philippines. I am currently working in Public School as a Secondary teacher, but before I became a secondary teacher, I also worked in Private School as an Elementary teacher. I have handled different grade levels from private and public schools, that is why I guaranteed you a good form of teaching. I was awarded as “Model Teacher in Labas Senior High School” for being good in lesson planning and dedicated to my passion which is teaching. I believe that teachers who love teaching, teach students to love learning. Have a good day ♥”

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