T. Hyre

ESL Teacher

Name: Hyrenne Piamonte
Major: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

*TEFL Certificate
*TESOL Certificate
*Civil Service Board Passer
*Department of Pharmacy Council President
*Five years experience of teaching ESL Online and Offline
*Teach General ESL, Special Classes such as Speaking, Reading and Writing Essay

“Hi! My name is Teacher Hyrenne. I am an ESL Teacher and I also teach TOEIC and TOEFL classes. I’ve come across students with different age groups and different English levels. I love working with children and adults too, seeing them light up as they learn new things. I believe in keeping things simple, engaging, and always having a positive attitude. Some of my hobbies include watching English movies, Korean dramas, reading books, and occasionally travel for a healthy soul. I also love to go shopping and spend time with my family. I love to eat teokbokki and seaweed. I look forward to working with you and your child. Hope that having a class with me can help you understand and speak this language with ease! ”

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