T. Avi

ESL Teacher

Name: Avigylle O. Benitez
Major: AB Mass Communication

*A Licensed Teacher
*TEFL Certificate
*An FM Radio DJ
*Five years experience of ESL teaching
*Teach General ESL, Speaking, Reading, and Writing an essay

We all know that the English language is a weapon, that wherever life brings us, we will be able to confidently face the world and communicate with other people and we all know that English is our  Universal Language, and when we are knowledgeable with it, then we can face the Universe!

My job is to help you be brave, be confident, and be knowledgeable about the English language! I am Teacher Avi, and I will help you every step of the way while we are having fun! I can assure you that I will not just be your teacher, but also your friend. So, have fun learning English together with me. See you in my class!

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